Quality Portable Garages in Colmar, PA

We, at Country Tyme Sheds, are dedicated to helping our customers meet all of their outdoor structure needs. That is why we strive to provide the highest quality, handcrafted portable garages to provide a simple solution to your storage and space needs. Starting at 12′ x 24′ (28′ x 40′ for double-wide) and available in a variety of styles and colors; our garages come standard with 1 garage door, 1 entrance door, a heavily reinforced floor, and 2 windows. And with options like an electric package, built-in workbenches, or a loft; the possibilities for customization are endless

single portable garage for sale

Portable Single-Car Garages


This single-car portable garage is suited for parking anything from lawn equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, or garden tools to cars. Standard garages are also great for a workshop or personal gym. There are options for windows, doors, shelves, etc. Get your portable garage delivered within the first 20 miles for FREE from our sales lot.

double portable garage for sale

Double-Wide Garages


This double-wide portable garage is perfectly designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles and equipment, such as lawn equipment, ATVs, motorcycles, garden tools, and cars. It also provides ample space for a workshop or a personal gym. With customizable features like windows, doors, shelves, and more, you can create the ideal setup for your needs. Take advantage of our special offer and enjoy FREE delivery within the first 20 miles of our sales lot.

Garage Siding Options

LP SmartSide

  • Material: LP SmartSide is engineered wood siding made from wood strands or fibers, treated with resins and binders, and then coated with a protective overlay.
  • Advantages:
    • Resembles traditional wood siding but offers better durability and resistance to termites and decay.
    • Lightweight and easy to work with during installation.
    • Available in various styles and textures to suit different design preferences.
  • Considerations:
    • Requires proper installation and maintenance to ensure longevity.
    • It may be susceptible to moisture if not sealed correctly.

Vinyl Siding:

  • Material: Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a durable and low-maintenance material.
  • Advantages:
    • Resistant to rot, insects, and water damage.
    • Low maintenance – doesn’t require painting and can be cleaned easily.
    • Wide range of colors and styles available.
  • Considerations:
    • Limited design flexibility compared to other materials.
    • May not have the same aesthetic appeal as natural wood siding.

Board & Batten:

  • Material: Board and batten siding is a style rather than a specific material. It typically involves wide boards placed vertically with narrow battens covering the seams.
  • Advantages:
    • Provides a rustic and traditional look.
    • Offers a textured and visually appealing exterior.
    • Can be made from various materials, including wood, fiber cement, or engineered wood.
  • Considerations:
    • Installation may be more labor-intensive compared to other siding types.
    • Maintenance requirements can vary depending on the chosen material.

Portable Garage Roof Styles:

A-Frame Style Roof

The A-frame style roof is characterized by its classic triangular shape resembling the letter “A”. It is a simple yet iconic design that offers excellent water drainage and structural stability. The A-frame roof is popular for its sleek and modern appearance, making it a perfect choice for contemporary homes and structures.

Dutch Style Roof

The Dutch-style roof features a distinctive gambrel shape with two slopes on each side, creating additional headroom and storage space. This style is known for its charming and rustic appeal, often associated with barns and traditional farmhouses. The Dutch roof design not only adds visual interest but also provides practicality by maximizing usable space.

Cape Style Roof

The Cape-style roof, also known as a Cape Cod roof, showcases a steeply-pitched gable design. It is a traditional and timeless roof style often seen in Cape Cod-style homes, hence the name. The steep slope of the roof helps efficiently shed snow and rainwater, making it suitable for areas with heavy precipitation. The Cape-style roof exudes a classic and elegant look, adding character to any architectural design.

Quaker Style Roof

The Quaker Garden shed is a classic and timeless choice for those seeking a blend of functionality and traditional design in their outdoor space. With its distinct dual-slope roof, the Quaker shed offers a unique and charming aesthetic that stands out in any garden or backyard. This style of shed provides generous headroom and ample storage space, making it ideal for storing gardening tools, equipment, and even larger items like bicycles or lawnmowers.

Quality Portable Garages for Sale in Colmar, PA

Looking for quality portable garages for sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? Look no further than Country Tyme Sheds. We proudly offer a wide selection of garage units, ranging from economical options to premium choices, all available at our convenient sales lots. Each of our portable garage buildings is expertly crafted using premium lumber, ensuring exceptional durability that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Visit our sales lot today and explore our impressive collection of portable garages for sale.


Our portable garages are proudly constructed right here in Lancaster, PA, and delivered by our dedicated team of drivers. From the initial design phase to the final delivery, we ensure that every step of the process reflects our commitment to top-notch quality and craftsmanship. By providing our customers with nothing but our very best, we have earned their trust and enthusiastic recommendations to their loved ones. As part of our exceptional service, we offer FREE delivery within a 20-mile radius of our sales lot, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers.

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