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We deliver pre-built sheds for free within 20 miles of our
lot in Colmar, Pa. Your site must be accessible by our
truck and shed delivery trailer or accessible for us to use
the Mule. If we do not have access to your site and we
must bring your shed back to our shop, you will be
charged an extra delivery fee. If we do not have access
to your site, we can build your shed on-site for an
additional 35%. We will deliver your structure directly
to the prepared foundation. The delivery drivers are not
responsible to do site preparations.


It is expected that our customers have their site
prepared prior to delivery, whether the customer installs
the site or has Country Tyme Sheds prepare the site prior
to shed delivery. For more information about site
preparation CLICK HERE to visit our SITE PREP PAGE.

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The Mule


A mule, (or a "shed mule" or a "mule forklift") is a shed delivery trailer and forklift that allows us to deliver in less than ideal conditions. The Mule not only greatly reduces yard damage but also allows us to be more efficient and accommodating with our delivery schedule.


  • We unload your shed on the street or in your driveway.

  • We place the Mule at one end of the shed and we put flotation tires under the other end of your shed.

  • We then drive the Mule around your yard and right into your prepared spot and we never have to get the truck and trailer in your yard.

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